India has 28 states and each state contributes greatly to the ethnicity of Indian handicrafts. With such a vast culture and different techniques put to use, these handicrafts are a product of sheer brilliance. Marble handicrafts and wooden carved crafts are amongst them. Marble handicraft refers to the process of making an art figure or a statue by carving marble, whereas wooden carved craft is a form of woodwork by using cutting tools on a block of wood. The concept of both the handicrafts is almost similar, but the techniques and tools used for these handicrafts are very different from each other.

Origin of the art forms

Marble handicrafts are a gift of Rajasthan and date back to the Mughal era. Marble crafting was started by the craftsmen during that period, which was later taken up by the artisans of the Rajputana dynasty. And that is how Rajasthan became the hub of marble art and handicraft. Over the years, marble handicrafts have been in demand due to their outstanding durability and amazing beauty. Many famous painting styles are also seen on the Marble handicrafts. The traditional Rajasthani Thani-Bani paintings find prominence in marble lamps and figurines. To enhance the beauty of the Marble handicrafts, often the surface is painted with glossy colours and embellished with precious gemstones or colourful glass stones.

Unlike marble handicrafts, wooden carved art is not just restricted to one state. There is a contribution of many states in producing wooden handicrafts. The state of Uttar Pradesh is famous for its carved and inlaid wooden handicrafts. Products such as bowls and trays are made of ebony and mango woods and are known for their elegance and stylish designs.

Rajasthan is always known for its royalty and elegance, which is also evident in its art forms. In addition to marble handicrafts, Rajasthan also excels in wooden carved art and you cannot give a miss to the wooden puppets of Rajasthan.  Figurines made with ivory work, latticework in rosewood, and sandalwood are the highlights of the handicraft industry of this state. Andhra Pradesh is rich in red sandalwood that is used to carve columns, framework, and dolls created by using neem, teak, and mango wood. In Andhra Pradesh, places like Hyderabad, Tirupati, and Vishakhapatnam are very famous for their wooden works.

Decorate your home the traditional way

Everyone wants to leave a long-lasting impression on those who visit their homes. Right from the colours of the walls to furniture and home décor, everything should be on point. Marble handicrafts and wooden carved showpieces can never go wrong. Adding a marble statue of Gods or Goddesses can instantly add charm to the room. These handicrafts are handcrafted with perfection and the skill of the craftsmen creating them gets reflected in the pieces. Marbles are so beautiful that simply adding some marble stones to a vase can do wonders.

Hand Carved Wooden Tree Owl

Hand Carved Wooden Tree Owl

You can also spice up your home décor with wooden craved figurines. The wooden carved décor gives a warm feeling and add a rustic factor to your home. A wooden carved alphabet nameplate, a wooden text wall décor, a wooden decorative wall arrow, and wooden figurines are some of the best examples of wooden carved art.

Hand carved Jungle animals Tealight holder - Brown and polished

Hand-carved Jungle animals Tealight holder – Brown and polished

Exclusive gifting options

Handicrafts made of wood or marble are some gifting options that will never go out of trend or fashion. Nothing can replace the charm of a handcrafted gift and these gifts will always hold a special place for the recipient and they will cherish it forever. Some beautiful marble architecture ideas that can be gifted are elephant statues, marble clock, a vase made of marble, or marble lanterns.

Marble Stone Wine glasses-Peacock & Floral Pattern

Marble Stone Wine glasses-Peacock & Floral Pattern

These stunning pieces will be a little expensive so if you are tight on budget, you have the option of visiting the section of wooden craved art forms, which are a little cheaper. Wooden crafted figures and a block of beautiful wood crafted wall hanging make amazing gifting options. Adding a personal touch of engraving the name of the gift’s recipient on a wooden nameplate is a gift that your close one will always cherish.



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