It started out with a primary school and the demand for handmade samosas.

We recognized, with the success we had selling samosas, that people loved connecting with where their food came from. The joy of something made by hand, with attentive care, was unmatched by machine-made, mass-produced goods.

From these samosas, we learned that if people have the option, they will choose to buy from small, local entrepreneurs. That human connection is an added value of experience and authenticity.

And we knew this could extend beyond food: that this single human desire had great potential. The potential to combat social injustice, income inequality, loss of culture, and environmental issues, all at once.

So, Pink City Fashion was born.

Because we wanted to connect those that longed for handmade, unique, cultural products with those that excelled at creating them, our name is a nod to Jaipur— The Pink City, known for its exceptional handicrafts and artisans. Pink City Fashion was founded on the desire to offer economic sustainability to artisans carrying on traditional art. By connecting local artisans to a marketplace, we’re able to generate economic incentives to save traditional handicraft techniques that otherwise might be lost to a fast-moving market.

And that is the hope: to connect people and cultures through art, sustainability, and living heritage.

Our products are always carefully handcrafted with heart, love, and a personal touch, creating one-of-a-kind pieces that stand out not only for their high quality but for their insight into the hands of an artisan. Pink City Fashion provides a livelihood for these talented artisans, preserves cultural art and traditional handicraft, and provides a platform to share the unique heritage woven into these handcrafted products.

So, each piece is more than its function: each piece is art, love, culture, and connection.